Minute #40 90x66cm
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About Mary

Mary Rogers is a painter living in rural Lincolnshire. The inspiration for her work has always been a response to the natural world - most specifically, the horizon. She is working from the top of a lighthouse in Spurn Point as part of a residency that continues until November 2011. Her current work includes a series of paintings of the 'sky and everlasting sea' taken from 190 sketches of the lagoon of Aitutaki. From these sketches she has created paintings with oil on canvas.
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Work in progress

Mary is Artist in Residence at Spurn Point Nature Reserve, working from her studio at the top of a lighthouse, on a thin spit of land stretching out almost 5 kilometres into the North Sea. Exhibitions of finished work are planned for May/August/October 2011 and include her second solo show at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincolnshire.

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Current Work

Mary's current work is a series of paintings of the coral seas in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, taken from 190 sketches made during the 14 weeks she spent there between 2005 and 2007 when her husband worked on RDF's Shipwrecked programme for Channel 4.
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Minute #40 90x66cm 995


Mary has been exhibiting her paintings at galleries and venues across Lincolnshire since 2005. Her most recent exhibition was a solo show
'A MINUTE IN AITUTAKI: THE CONSTANTLY CHANGING SEAS' at the Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe.
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